Commercial Sector

A commercial property demands elite equipment, and NVE Technologies understands the importance of that. This is why we bring to you unmatched services and solutions.

Automated Gate Systems

NVE Technologies offers a cost-effective and productive way of keeping your commercial property safe at all times. We offer you automated gates systems that elevate the security of your property and impeded burglars from getting access to your commercial property.

Commercial Camera Systems

Another great way to keep your commercial property protected is to install high-quality CCTV cameras. NVE Technologies have some of the best security cameras in the market. Not only does NVE install cameras, but ensure that they are placed at perfect points. We also offer repairs in case your commercial CCTV camera wears out.

Structured Cabling

NVE Technologies offers specialized cable services and solutions so you don’t have to miss on any deadlines. Our team ensures that you get to appreciate the best infrastructure design. You also get augmented cables; such as fiber fusion splicing, OTDR troubleshooting, CO installations and more.

High Speed Internet

To enjoy a seamless flow of data, NVE Technologies offers WISP. We are among the leading Wireless Internet Service Providers in the region.

These are only a few of the many services that NVE Technologies offers in the commercial sector. To get more information about these services and more, contact us at 1-866-683-0025.

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